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Geoffrey Stoddart

Commercial Director
Westerwood Global


Geoffrey Stoddart is Commercial Director at Westerwood Global, a leading provider of Managed Workforce solutions, where he leads strategic direction of business development and marketing. Formerly with VP Marketing with Edwards Vacuum, he has over 38 years of experience in the semiconductor industry living in and working in countries such as the US, UK, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore.

Geoffrey started in the industry as an Engineer Apprentice and subsequently grew into senior management roles in Field Service, Business Development, and Sales & Marketing. With a foundation in engineering and decades of experience in management roles around the world, Geoffrey brings a multifaceted perspective to advancing workforce development in the semiconductor industry.

Geoffrey has been a member of the ISES Advisory Board since 2018.

Company Profile

Westerwood Global

Westerwood Global is a leading provider of workforce solutions and trusted partner to high tech manufacturing industries including Semiconductor, Battery & Storage, LED, Solar and Flat Panel Displays. Our Managed Workforce Services and Technical Staffing capabilities provide a true value add for all outsourced requirements. With unrivalled knowledge, our management, engineers, maintenance and manufacturing technicians have a deep understanding and expertise in all the industries we serve.

Beyond operational expertise, staffing is a core competency with a robust database of suitably qualified skills globally ensuring the right people for the right job. Continuous improvement while delivering performance through a focus on quality, high productivity, cost efficiencies and flexible service offerings makes Westerwood Global a partner of choice. Rapid availability of trained staff helps manage the load across industry cycles and an ideal solution for long term sustainable activity as well as equipment installation, capacity ramp or other times of peak manpower constraints guaranteeing performance delivered.