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International SubFAB Research Labs Initiative (ISRL)


Ilya Zabelinsky is a globally recognized Technical Leader with over 25 years of experience in vacuum and gas abatement applications for Semiconductor manufacturing.

Ilya joined Intel in 1996 to take part in startup and commissioning team of first 200mm fab in Israel, moving on to develop his career as operational and technical leader through several technology node transitions and manufacturing capacity expansion projects. In 2006 Ilya spearheaded an effort to install and commission a full set of vacuum and gas abatement systems for a greenfield construction of 300mm Fab in Kiryat Gat, extending his operational and technical leadership to entire SubFAB ecosystem supporting technology transitions and capacity expansion projects from 45 to 10nm.

In April 2022 Ilya left Intel on a mission to “bring the Science to SubFAB” by supplementing Semiconductor manufacturing technologies advancement with focused research of unwanted and harmful side effects caused by unreacted process materials downstream from process chambers.

In May 2022 Ilya co-founded International SubFAB Research Labs (ISRL).

Ilya possesses broad knowledge and vast practical experience in wide range of semiconductor manufacturing processes, FAB equipment, central facilities systems and infrastructure, spanning from scope definition, programming and design through construction, commissioning and operations. Ilya holds a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from SCE, Israel. Ilya is passionate practitioner of various education and mentoring programs aimed at new generations of professional and diverse workforce.

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International SubFAB Research Labs Initiative (ISRL)