Jakob Spoetl

Head of Acoustics


Jakob Spötl works as head of acoustics in the R&D department of USound. He is one of the first employees of USound and joined the company in 2015, right after finishing his studies in electrical and audio engineering at the TU Graz in Austria. His main interest was (and still is) the multidisciplinary; combining knowledge from different fields. Therefore, his main expertise lies in understanding and modeling of the interplay between different physical domains (electronics, mechanics, and acoustics). Combining this with real-world applications and the resulting psychoacoustic experience is what he thrives on.

Company Profile


USound GmbH is a fast-growing company that develops advanced audio solutions based on MEMS speaker technology. Headquartered in Austria and with offices in Shenzen, China, USound enables its global customers to bring new revolutionary audio products to the market.

USound is disrupting the audio industry, setting new standards in audio experience. The company achieves this through radical miniaturization, power reduction, and increased production efficiency. USound MEMS speakers are ideal for state-of-the-art TWS earphones, IEMs, audio and AR/VR glasses, OTC hearing aids, and various consumer electronics products. The company’s audio products are safeguarded by over 370 patents.

Ferruccio Bottoni, CEO & Co-Founder
Andrea Rusconi, CTO & Co-Founder
Herbert Gartner, CFO & Chairman