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Joshua (Yong Hoon) Yoo has been involved in the static control industry since 1994 for ionization and test equipment business operation in semiconductor, flat panel displays and automotive as high-tech industry. He has been a member of EOS/ESD Association since 2000 and served as a Board of Director in 2016 – 2018. He is the founder and president of Korea EOS/ESD Association since 2011. He is an active member of Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers (Korean IEEE) since 2021.

He started his volunteering activities with EOS/ESD Association since 2013 as a working group chair and active members for standard document development and contributed. He served as co-organizer and technical program chair for 2015/2018 Manufacturing Symposium in Korea. He was co-instructor and interpreted at regional tutorial programs in Korea for ESD Basics, How to ESD Audit, Essentials for ESD Programs, Cleanroom and Ionization. He published number of technical papers and technical articles for Flat Panel Display ESD Issues, Ionization and CPM Measurement Technologies.

He is an iNARTE certified ESD Engineer in 2007 and the EOS/ESD Association certified Professional ESD Program Manager in 2011. He has 14 patents for ionization system and technologies.

Company Profile

Core Insight, Inc.

Core Insight is a leading company for EOS/ESD control with technical expertise and key insights for Advanced Package Device application. Heterogeneous Integration technology revolutionary achieved new device era. This new technology also brought new challenges that much less ESD sensitivity before it finished package device. Core Insight has prepared to meet new level of ESD control with world best ionization solution which no one else have. Core Insight has understanding device technology, manufacturing process and ESD control know-how for Advanced Package Device handling.

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