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Kaisheng Ma

Chief Scientist
Polar Bear Tech


Kaisheng Ma is now an Assistant Professor in Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS), Tsinghua University. Founder of Polar Bear Tech. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. His research focuses on Robust and Efficient AI Algorithms, Post-Moore Architecture, and High-Performance Chips, especially the advanced chip architecture in the post Moore era and the corresponding design methodology and tool chain. Dr. Ma has published papers on top conferences including NeurIPS, ICCV, AAAI, CVPR, ISCA, ASPLOS, MICRO, HPCA, DAC etc. He has won many awards and honors, including: 2015 HPCA Best Paper Award, 2016 IEEE MICRO Top Picks, 2016 Penn State CSE Department Best Graduate Research Award, 2017 ASP-DAC Best Paper Award, 2018 EDAA Best Dissertation Award, and Springer Nature Research Highlights from China Collection Award 2020.

Company Profile

Polar Bear Tech

Polar Bear Tech(Xi’an) Co.,Ltd. founded from the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences of Tsinghua University, incubated by Xi‘an Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Core Technology, registered and established on July 9, 2021 and officially settled in the Software New Town in November 2021. Kaisheng Ma, an Assistant Professor of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences of Tsinghua University, served as the Chief Scientist.

This company is committed to reducing the design period and NRE cost of large-scale and high-performance chips through Chiplet technology, and quickly realizing the iterative upgrading and function addition of products, and aims to provide customers with low-cost and flexible solutions from algorithms to server clusters.

Company website: https://www.bjxxtech.net/