Luca Lillacci photo

Luca Lillacci

General Manager
EDA Industries


Luca Lillacci was born in Perugia in 1972 and started his career in 1992 in Eles as Application Engineer. During that period, he was able to learn and practice many aspects related to the HW Design, Testing and Measurements of the Electronic Equipment.

Later, Luca has held different roles of greater responsibility until 2005, when he founded Origin Technology, a start-up created for delivering services and integrated solution for the semiconductor market.

In 2012 Lillacci and his team decided to join EDA Industries, an international and highly specialized company in the field of Burn-In and Test Equipment for the semiconductor industry, where, since May 2023, he has become the General Manager.

Leadership, passion, strategic thinking and attraction for innovation are all elements that have always distinguished Luca’s professional profile.

Company Profile

EDA Industries

Established in 1993 in Italy, EDA Industries is a dynamic and experienced engineering company, focused on the production of Burn-In and Test Equipment for the semiconductor industry.

EDA Industries has its headquarter in Rieti and over the years has opened new offices not only in Terni and Catania, but also in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Morocco.

EDA Industries has more than 500 systems installed worldwide in 25 countries, providing a full turn-key solution for Testing, Burn-In and Reliability Test:

  • Wafer Level Burn-In Solution for SiC and GaN
  • Burn-In & Test Equipment for SiC, GaN, Mixed Signal and Digital Application
  • Burn-in Chambers
  • Environmental Stress Systems
  • Burn-in boards
  • Application and Engineering support
  • Automated Solution for Burn-in process
  • Burn-In & Reliability Service

With a strong focus on the Automotive market, EDA has been walking the road of Innovation for over 30 years and began 2016 by expanding its Research Centre for SiC & GaN technology.

Thanks to the evolution of its SocrATE WLBI and ETNA Equipment, EDA’s principal strategic objective is to strenghten and confirm its leadership in Burn-In & Testing both in Front-End and Back-End, furnishing a unique Testing Platform for WBG devices.