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Moti Margalit is CEO of SonicEdge and the inventor of its game changing speaker technology. With a multidisciplinary background spanning from quantum optics to MEMS and as a named inventor on over 90 patents, Moti has a demonstrated track record of innovation and entrepreneurship, having founded several successful deep tech companies and held technology leadership roles in both large and small companies.

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Our game-changing technology has revolutionized sound generation, allowing us to create the smallest speaker with the best sound on the market. Through a patented process, our speakers utilize an array of ultrasound technology, paired with acoustic modulators, to frequency shift the ultrasound and create high-quality sound. Our solid-state MEMS device is manufactured using industry-standard processes and includes a full stack solution, from digital audio to sound. Complete with an ASIC and MEMS speaker, SonicEdge is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of sound.”