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Tal Levin

Executive Vice President
GTI (Green Technology Investments)


Tal Levin serves as the Executive Vice President at Green Technology Investments LLC (GTi), headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. GTI specializes in AMAT Metrology, encompassing a range of cutting-edge technologies such as SEMVision, Defect Review “DR-SEM,” VeritySEM, Critical Dimension SEM “CD-SEM”, and Compass & ComPLUS, Darkfield Inspection systems.

Having co-founded GTI in 2012, Tal has played a pivotal role in driving global sales initiatives until recently, when he shifted his focus to overseeing the technology roadmap and strategic procurement activities for both domestic and international clients.

In line with GTI’s growth strategy in 2023, the company underwent a transformation, establishing two distinct divisions: Metrex and RT-Ex. Additionally, GTI secured exclusive representation rights for the etrology™ software measurement solutions.

With over 32 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, Tal Levin is a seasoned executive with a profound understanding of semiconductor processes. His expertise extends to establishing and managing global service and sales networks, particularly in key regions such as China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

Throughout his extensive career, Tal has held significant positions at notable companies including H.T.M., Norcimbus Inc., OEM Group, and GTI, where he and the team have developed several patent applications aimed at process enhancement and measurement refinement.

Tal Levin exemplifies excellence in management, strategic planning, and international business development within the semiconductor industry, serving as a benchmark for leadership and innovation.

Company Profile

GTI (Green Technology Investments)

Green Technology Investments LLC (GTI), headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona has announced the creation of two new subsidiaries which will operate under the GTI Umbrella: METREX and RT Experts (RT-EX). GTI also became the exclusive representative for the etrology™software product line.

These new companies aim to revitalize and support (for the next 20 years) the legacy product line for metrology tools through innovative remanufacturing and software solutions.

etrology™ aims to revolutionize semiconductor metrology measurement capabilities with a stand-alone 3rd party solution – capable of being integrated into any existing tool in the field.

METREX is a company that provides metrology solutions for Applied Materials platforms. They offer fully remanufactured systems, an extensive inventory of spare parts, expert service support, and foundry capabilities. Their systems include SEMVision Defect Review Tools, VeritySEM Critical Dimension Tools, and Compass/Complus Darkfield Inspection Tools.

RT Experts (RT-EX) specializes in the remanufacturing of semiconductor MASK systems, enabling customers to access advanced technology.

They also offer a wide range of spare parts – including consumables and non-consumables – as well as upgrades for legacy and obsolete parts. Additionally, they provide hardware and application support, flexible service support contracts, tool relocation, and startup services. GTI provides training in hardware maintenance, equipment tasks, and troubleshooting, as well as advanced applications and process development. They also have a foundry and a demonstration lab that can handle wafers of various sizes, exotic materials, special wafer thicknesses, and post-CMP process development for SIC and GaN.

With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, The GTI companies are well-positioned to serve customers around the globe.