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MWS Webinar – 16 September 2020

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MEMS World Summit Webinar


MEMS World Summit is attended by industry leaders who are at the forefront in shaping the MEMS and Sensors landscape in Europe, China and internationally. Our partners include Bosch, Infineon, ST, ams, GF, Fraunhofer, SMEC, Hanking, Applied Materials and many more global manufacturers.

With an exclusive and limited audience, topics of mutual interest can be developed at the highest level either for new collaborations or new business opportunities in the MEMS market.

Our advisory board consisting of diverse leaders from MEMS manufacturers, research institutes and equipment vendors have highlighted the topics of AR/VR, Robotics, 5G, Industrial Automation and IoT as the foundations for high level discussions for our events from now until the end of the year.

Date: 16 September 2020

Duration: 2 hours
Time: 10pm CST / 4pm CET EUROPE / 10am EDT / 7am PST
Agenda (PST):
07:00 Welcome Address
07:15 Networking
07:35 Qualcomm Technology Inc
07:55 Robert Bosch LLC
08:15 Closing Remark
08:25 Networking
09:00 End of Webinar


Yvonne Lutsch
Investment Principal

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Yvonne is an Investment Principal at Robert Bosch Venture Capital’s (RBVC) affiliate officelocated in Sunnyvale, responsible for sourcing, evaluating and executing investments for RBVC in the USA and Canada in deep tech fields like AI, IIoT, Mobility, Quantum Computing, or Sensors. She is investor / non-executive board member at RBVC’s portfolio companies InSyte Systems, Syntiant, Zapata Computing, and UltraSense Systems.Prior to this position Yvonne was Director of Technology Scouting and Business Development for Bosch Automotive Electronics in North America. Her team’s focus was to identify startups, technologies, or business opportunities with the potential to create significant value to Bosch. Prior to that, Yvonne held different leadership positions in Quality Management, Operations and Engineering in Automotive and Consumer Electronics within Bosch Germany. Yvonne received a diploma in Experimental Physics from University of Siegen, Germany, and holds a PhD in Applied Physics from University of Tuebingen, Germany

Topic: How COVID-19 changes the VC investment landscape with regards to mobility, IIoT, and sensors

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COVID-19 had and still has an enormous impact on our lives, on different industries and the economy in general. After the first half year of “sheltering-in-place” and dealing with “the new normal” – let’s take a look back. How did the pandemic influence the venture capital industry in general? What trends did emerge or got accelerated due to changes in behavior of people, organizations, and industries? We will give some insights what influence the pandemic had on the venture capital industry in general and on the VC investment space in particular with regards to topics like mobility, sensors and industrial IoT.

Dev Singh
GM of Robotics, Drones & Intelligent Machines / Sr Director BD

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Dev Singh serves as senior director of business development and head of autonomous robotics, drones and intelligent machines at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Dev is responsible for leading and managing the robotics and intelligent machines in the IoT business unit where he focusses on strategy, business development, R&D investments and execution for accelerating net revenue growth while optimizing operating cost. Prior to this role, he led the execution of multimedia IP development across Snapdragon application processor platforms for mobile, IoT and automotive segments.

He began his career at Texas Instruments and served in various engineering and leadership roles for execution, operations, product management and new product development across TI’s foundry and analog products business units for over 10 years.

Dev holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Arkansas.

Topic: Enabling The Future of Robotics with 5G & AI

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In the past decade, research and development efforts around 5G wireless technology have expanded the realm of possibility when it comes to delivering higher multi-gigabit speeds, ultra low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users. The combination of 5G and AI will transform and enable several of the devices we interact with across our daily lives to become faster, more intelligent and more power-efficient, providing a transformative and enhanced consumer experience. When 5G and AI are applied to robotics and drones across the industrial, enterprise and consumer sectors, flexible system solutions are enabled for a variety of new and enhanced experiences, streamlining efforts and improving outputs. In this webinar, Dev Singh, Qualcomm Technologies’ head of robotics, will discuss how 5G connectivity and AI are ushering the next generation of increasingly intelligent, mobile and automated robotics, which will accelerate the worldwide path to Industry 4.0 and contribute to growth across industries.

Key Takeaways:

  • How 5G technology has advanced what’s possible when it comes to the sophistication of connectivity
  • How 5G & AI technology will expand the capabilities of robotics and drones across the industrial, enterprise and consumer sectors — including manufacturing, defense, retail and other professional services — ultimately accelerating productivity and efficiency and increasing intelligence
  • How 5G & AI’s impact on automation will influence the future of manufacturing by enabling the wireless factory floor, and how this will have seismic impacts across industries