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Winfred Chen

  • Midea Group
  • Chief Hardware Architect of AIoT, Home Service Robot, Intelligent Innovation Centre
  • Biography

Chen Yuanfeng graduated from Fudan University in 2006 with a Ph.D. in Microelectronics.

From 2006 to 2013, he worked for Samsung Semiconductor in South Korea and was involved in the design of several mobile CPU chips, including the world’s first large and small nuclear concept of mobile phone CPU. Before leaving office, he was the head of Samsung’s Greater China mobile phone chip FAE and provided technical services to four mobile phone companies in China Cool Union.

In May 2013, he returned to China to join Huawei Terminal Architecture Design Department, participated in the planning and research and development of Heath’s domestic chip Kirin930/950/970/980, and landed as a mobile phone product. During the terminal period, participated in the development of Heath’s first generation of independent ISPs, successful commercial. Later led Huawei’s mobile phone sensor subsysystor research and development team to overcome various sensors under the small size of commercial technology difficulties and innovations.
In August 2017, he joined OPPO as chief chip planner, leading OPPO’s chip planning, and also served as chip platform manager for OPPO R15 mobile phones, leading the R15 product team to a successful launch.

After joining Alibaba in April 2018 and participating in the acquisition of Zhongtian micro, IoT Hardware Lab was established as the chief hardware architect, groping out the hardware innovation model in the software company, launching Alibaba Cloud’s first innovative gateway and forming Ali Eco-Play.

In September 2020, he joined the Intelligent Innovation Center of the United States, responsible for the direction of home service robots.

Personal areas of expertise include: mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices and robot direction of professional system design, integrated circuit design optimization and selection has rich experience and solid foundation, with sensors, indoor and outdoor positioning navigation and computer vision processing basic theory and system optimization program experience, in the Internet of Things smart home, smart buildings, smart park, smart agriculture, smart industry, smart city has accumulated a lot of experience.

At present, in addition to his own work, he is also a special expert lecturer of Shanghai Pudong Smart Lighting Federation, an industrial planning consultant of Zhejiang Huzhou Municipal Government Integrated Circuit Industrial Park, and a special consultant of Pangu Venture Fund.




2017年8月以首席芯片规划师身份入职OPPO,主导OPPO的芯片规划,同时兼任OPPO R15手机的芯片平台经理,带领R15产品团队顺利落地上市。