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Our ISES advisory boards and senior team are leaders from across the Semiconductor, MEMS & Sensors supply chain

Established in 2010, the International Semiconductor Industry (I.S.I.G.) is a prestigious and trusted association within the semiconductor industry, renowned for orchestrating major regional summits across the globe, ranging from the U.S, the Middle East & Asia via our division, the International Semiconductor Executive Summits (I.S.E.S.). Our summits, are fully endorsed by local governments and leading companies in all areas of the semiconductor supply chain.

Moreover, I.S.E.S. serves as the Premier platform for senior executives in technology, manufacturing, and R&D from diverse semiconductor companies, technology providers, and affiliated industries. Our events are instrumental helping to shed light onto key industry trends, drive innovation and influence key decisions to help shape, and advance the growth of the semiconductor sector. Join us today:


Meet our Advisory Board

Our advisory board members include leading experts from across the semiconductor, MEMS and sensors sectors including 5G, IoT, advanced packaging, AI, automotive electronics, and power semiconductors.

ISES Advisory Board