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Challenges and Opportunities of Semiconductor Packaging in the Chiplet Era

The advancements in semiconductor manufacturing and packaging technologies are revolutionizing the semiconductor industry. Splitting a SoC chip into individual chips by function brings improved yields, shorter design, development cycles, and cost reduction. However, packaging structures are becoming more complex, leading to increased design complexity. To overcome these challenges, the entire industry should promote the integration of front-end and then back-end processes and establish a chiplet ecosystem.


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Dr. Yasumitsu Orii photo

Dr. Yasumitsu Orii

Senior Managing Executive Officer, 3D Assembly Division


Education: Osaka Univ. Osaka, Japan Bachelor 1986

Graduate School of Osaka Univ. Osaka, Japan PhD 2012

Dr. Yasumitsu Orii joined IBM Japan in 1986 and was a leading expert on Flip Chip organic packages, which had contributed to the performance improvements and miniaturization of such products as servers, laptop computers, and HDDs. The packaging technology is becoming more important for next generation server products as Moore’s Law reaches its limits. His flip chip expertise extended into many related areas. Initially, he was a pioneer of flip chip on FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) for HDDs, which allowed the read/write amplifier ICs to be mounted on the suspension and much closer to the GMR head. Later, he developed the C2 (Chip Connection) technology that supported low-cost 50-μm-pitch flip chip bonding for the commodity consumer electronics market and it was licensed to a company in Taiwan. At IBM Research Tokyo, he was leading the next generation flip chip organic package, 3D-IC projects and Neuromorphic Computing for IBM Servers and creating new technologies under a Joint Development Program involving many leading Japanese materials companies. He left IBM in 2014 and joined NAGASE & CO., LTD. He established “New Value Creation Office” under the direct control of the president and launched the material informatics software as a service in 2020. He left NAGASE and he joined Rapidus Corporation in 2022/Dec. Now he is the senior managing executive officer to lead the 3D Assembly Division.

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