• 13:25 – 13:50

Challenges of Semiconductor Manufacturing – Design & Test Perspective in a Diversifying Market (Memory Case Study)

Shrinking modern Semiconductor Technologies and Geometries at the limit of Physics requires huge investments and economy of scales in multi billion dollar factories. Aside of inherent technical risks of operating at the limit of physics in sub 10nm technologies new challenges arose through geopolitical tensions as well as diversifying markets and applications. This presentation highlights such challenges. Future trends from a design & test perspective will be discussed how such risks could be managed and mitigated to achieve economically successful operation of such mega investments. Semiconductor Memory representing 30% of todays and future semiconductor sales will be used as a case study!

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Marco Mezger

COO & Executive Vice President


Marco Mezger is a global entrepreneur, investor, and advisor with over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Born in Germany and based in Taipei, Marco has a unique understanding of global semiconductor businesses with their challenges, resulting in a track record at various companies and as a matchmaker in the industry. As a thought leader focusing on memory technology, Marco has a sizeable global follower base on LinkedIn. He is also a regular guest on the business TV program “Taiwan Talks” commenting on the semiconductor industry news and market trends.

Neumonda has been founded with profound know how and the ‘DNA’ of former German memory powerhouse ‘Qimonda’. It has the ability to provide memory and storage solutions to worldwide customers, especially targeting the industrial and specialty market segments.

“Deep understanding of the technical/supply chain aspects of product design and developments, in addition to sales and marketing are building the foundation of the the global management team to serve these markets with real ‘Memory Competency‘.”

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