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Japan’s Policy Trends in Semiconductor and Digital Industry Strategy

Two years have passed since the formulation of the Semiconductor and Digital Industry Strategy in June 2021, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry revised its Semiconductor and Digital Industry Strategy in June 2023.

In this strategy, in the semiconductor sector, Japan aims to achieve total sales of 15 trillion yen or more for domestic semiconductor manufacturing companies by 2030, and while step 1 is developing semiconductor manufacturing capability, step 2 will bethe establishment of manufacturing technology for 2nm and beyond logic semiconductors. Finally, it will work on the development of future, game-changing technologies, such as photonics-electronics convergence in step 3.

In this presentation, specific initiatives such as research and development, human resource development, and international collaboration based on the Semiconductor and Digital Industry Strategy will be explained, along with the latest policy trends.

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Hisashi Kanazashi

Director, IT Div

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

Director, IT Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

1998 Joined the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)

2007 Visiting Scholar, Stanford University

2008 MBA from EDHEC Business School, France

2009 Industrial Revitalization Division

2011 Policy Planning and Coordination Division, Minister’s Secretariat

2014 Japan Economic Revitalization Bureau, Cabinet Secretariat

2016 Deputy Director, JETRO Los Angeles Office,

Director, Industry Creation Policy Division, Principal Director, IT Industry and Digital Economic Security, etc

2021 Counselor for Information Industry and Digital Economy and Security, Minister’s Secretariat

July 1, 2022 Current Position

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