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Pioneers in MEMS Wafer and Strip Level Final Test and Calibration

Afore Wafer Level Test Solutions are a key offering under AEM’s Test Cells Solutions Business that has established leadership positions in developing and deploying application-specific test solutions for MEMS devices and offering wafer and frame probing stations suitable for R&D, wafer sort, and Final Test.

For more than two decades our test solutions drive innovation by applying accurate physical stimulus to motion and environmental sensors. Today, the AIOLOS, KRONOS and MPP probing platforms allow state-of-the-art test and calibration of MEMS sensors at wafer level as well as strip level for LGA, QFN and BGA packages.

Our 300mm cryogenic probe station advances quantum computing by allowing volume testing of innovative technologies at cryogenic temperatures.

About AEM

AEM is a global leader in test innovation. With full-stack test capabilities for advanced engineering to high-volume manufacturing, AEM provides innovative test solutions to drive successful customer outcomes in innovation by redefining test through its Test Cell Solutions Business and Instrumentation Business.

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