Arizona State University


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With 110,000+ undergraduate students, 30,000+ graduate and professional students, and 5,000+ faculty, Arizona State University (ASU) exemplifies a new prototype for the American public research university. At ASU, our culture of innovation and inclusion draws pioneering researchers to our faculty and attracts highly qualified students from all 50 states and more than 130 nations. ASU is expanding academic and entrepreneurial opportunities for every type of learner at all stages of life. Creating a resilient microelectronics innovation ecosystem is critical to America’s security and economic competitiveness. Arizona State University is responding to this need by working with industry and government partners to reestablish America’s capacity for domestic microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturing and innovation. ASU offers traditional degree programs and rapid, low-cost options for upskilling and re-skilling of the existing semiconductor workforce, as well as workers from outside the industry.

Products & Services

ASU is building the semiconductor talent pipeline and mobilizing the expertise and capabilities of the Fulton Schools of Engineering to drive research, development and innovation. The Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University is the largest and most comprehensive engineering school in the nation, offering 25 undergraduate degree programs, and 48 graduate degree programs. With over 30,000 students within the Fulton Schools of Engineering, 7000+ students studying microelectronics-related fields, and 150+ faculty engaged in microelectronics research and teaching. We offer extensive research facilities including our research in semiconductor manufacturing and advanced semiconductor packaging which is supported by our extensive lads which includes MacroTechnology Works with 250,000 total sq ft capacity, 43,000 sq ft clean rooms, and 23,00 sq ft wet/dry labs. We also offer graduate programs in semiconductor manufacturing, packaging, and assembly as well as certificate programs to support workforce development.