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ATV Technologie GmbH, established in 1982, is a renowned industry leader in the field of microelectronics. We specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of cutting-edge vacuum soldering devices and processing ovens. Our multidisciplinary team comprises highly skilled engineers and physicists with expertise in precision mechanics, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Together, we design and produce a diverse range of exceptionally high-quality products. Universities, research institutes, laboratories, and leading production companies worldwide acknowledge and appreciate the superior value of our customized solutions.

Semiconductor manufacturers can rely on precise temperature control and excellent temperature homogeneity. This allows for consistent and dependable soldering outcomes. Soldering can be done under different atmospheres which brings a lot of flexibility to the soldering processes. ATV offers a comprehensive product range from tabletop to fully automated systems. Furthermore, our extensive global network of specialized representatives is dedicated to delivering on-site sales and service support.

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