Corning Advanced Optics


Company Profile

Corning is vital to progress – in the industries we shape and in the world we share. We invent life-changing technologies using materials science. Our scientific and manufacturing expertise, boundless curiosity, and commitment to purposeful invention place us at the center of the way the world interacts, works, learns, and lives. Our sustained investment in research, development, and invention means we’re always ready to solve the toughest challenges alongside our customers.
Corning Advanced Optics is a global leader in providing cutting-edge materials and optical solutions that serve a variety of commercial markets including semiconductor manufacturing equipment and advanced packaging solutions. The Semiconductor Technologies & Solutions business is growing its investments to deliver an innovative and diverse set of glass and crystal components, and advanced optical sub-assemblies for modern lithography scanners, optical inspection systems, and advanced packaging substrates.

Products & Services

Optical glass and crystalline materials for lithography tools (Deep-UV lenses and Extreme-UV mirrors and photomask blanks)
Optical assemblies (modules, objectives) for Deep-UV, UV, Vis optical inspection tools
Glass substrates for advanced packaging:
– Glass wafer temporary carriers for 2.5D, 3D packaging, Fan-Out, Si/SiC wafer thinning
– Glass panel for panel-level Fan-Out, glass core substrates

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