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JST Manufacturing is the expert in wet bench design and manufacturer and go-to international wet process and precision cleaning technology solutions manufacturer in the the semiconductor, IoT, MEMS and opto-electronics markets. Our customers regard us as the company that can solve their difficult manufacturing process problems. Utilizing an onsite electrical and mechanical engineering staff, and a full plastic and metal fabrication facility, JST Manufacturing can provide both design and fabrication solutions for all of your wet processing requirements. With teamwork, integrity, good judgment, innovation, and respect, we are committed to improving our customer’s cleaning and handling challenges with quality, cost-efficient, and safe solutions.

Products & Services

As an expert in wet bench design and manufacture, JST offers options from manual wet benches, to semi-automated, fully-automated and even multi-tasking wet benches. Each solution stays true to our core efficiencies: increased yield and throughput, reduced footprint and chemical usage, as well as fab safety.

JST’s manual wet processing benches are ideal for universities, labs and lower volume fab cleaning requirements. These manual wet benches are the perfect design for use as an exhausted work surface for wet laboratory, R&D and parts cleaning equipment applications.

JST’s automated chemical benches are the true workhorses that provide incredible configuration flexibility, as well as tight process control. Designed in close collaboration with our customers to meet each fab’s floor space and process control requirements, JST offers solutions from cost effective semi-automated to our high volume, full feature, multi-tasking automated benches.

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