Meridionale Impianti

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  • Meridionale Impianti, MI, funded in 1975 is now a multinational with a workforce of more than 500 qualified resources operating with premises in Italy, France, Austria, Singapore.
  • A leader company in high-tech plant engineering: clean rooms, UHP plants, HV/MV plants, RES plants, for over 40 years.
  • MI can operate as OEM, EPC company, system Integrator and facility maintenance provider.
  • Continuous technological innovation has led to the recent installation of plants for industrial automation and robotics (automatic transport systems, automatic warehouses, robot islands).


  • Design, production and installation of mechanical systems (gas cabinets, chemical cabinets), controlled class environments and high-tech plants, automation systems for Industry 4.0
  • Development of ICT platforms for plant monitoring and transmission of information and services ( SCADA, FMCS )
  • Design, production and installation of energy systems integrating renewable sources as photovoltaic, wind, concentrated solar power.

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