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nD-HI Technologies Lab (nD-HI) enables advancement in AI, HPC, photonics, 5G RF/mmWave, power, IoT devices and substrates, through heterogeneous integration at die, package and/or system levels. Uniquely equipped with both advanced packaging and IC design expertise, nD-HI provides the services to global customersin IC design, IC Assembly and test, end use system and key suppliers.


Products & Services

– nD-HI devise chiplets/SiP architectures that have the best chances of meeting final product objectives (TTM, cost/yield, quality, reliability…) based on extensive product realization experiences covering.
– Perform product feasibility assessment and IC-package co-design & co-optimization with customers and suppliers.
– Select best-of-breed OSATS, key BOM and R&D suppliers with customers.
Co-develop design IP, glue IP and critical gap technology. Benefits of glue IP can include
• Power delivery to multiple devices at different voltages
• Dense volatile and non-volatile storage
• Common security for multiple dies
• High – bandwidth, low – power interconnect for die – to – die communication
• Global clocking solutions, complex system test in a package…
– Assist in Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) per customer requirements.

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