NexGen Wafer Systems

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Nexgen Wafer Systems Provides Equipment Solutions For Single-Wafer Wet Etch And Clean Applications To Semiconductor Manufacturers

With a clear focus on single wafer wet etch and clean equipment, we provide products that offer enabling technologies for dedicated wet chemical applications in the manufacturing process of integrated circuits.

Our interdisciplinary team strives to be a leading solution provider for surface treatment applications in the semiconductor industry. We provide fully automated high-tech equipment to our international customers for demanding manufacturing processes. As a full-stack equipment provider, we are the go-to source for our customers for challenging wet chemical processes that require out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility and creativity. Our customer‘s challenges are versatile – just like our products, which we tailor specifically to our customer‘s needs to ensure that they succeed together with us. Strongly driven by a customer-centric business approach, we deliver products that meet our customer’s specific needs to ensure their success sustainably. That is one of our fun- damental pillars to succeed as a team with our customers in the semiconductor industry’s fast-moving market.

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