SiWare Systems


Company Profile

Si-Ware was founded in 2004 by leading-edge scientists and entrepreneurs who developed the world first alignment-free, calibration-free, and shock-resistant MEMS based Fourier Transform Near Infra-Red (FT-NIR) spectrometer on a chip. This was and still is the smallest FT-NIR MEMS spectrometer in the world.

In 2014, Si-Ware won the prestigious Prism Award from the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) for our first-generation technology. Since then, Si-Ware has continued to innovate scoring more than 100 patents and a large number of research papers that represent our technical advancements in FT-IR spectroscopy.

Now, Si-Ware provides end-to-end FT-NIR solutions under the brand name NeoSpectra. This combines portable FT-NIR Analyzers with intuitive software and a powerful cloud to quickly analyze samples with speed and precision across almost all industries. Si-Ware brings highly accurate, on-site material analysis within reach for all through affordable and accessible technology. We have redefined NIR performance and use through unique FT-NIR technology that enables simultaneous analysis of multiple parameters with greater accuracy, across practically all industries and scientific applications.

Si-Ware, an independent fabless semiconductor company that fosters silicon innovation, employs more than 100 engineers, and has commercial sites and development centers in Cairo, Egypt and Paris, France as well as in California and Boston area in the USA.