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STRATUS Automation was founded by Ryo Narisawa in 1998 and currently being headquartered in Penang, Malaysia since 2016. STRATUS strive to be the global leader and trusted partner in AMHS by providing the best AMHS solution and continuous support for cleanroom fabs tailored to customer needs. Uniquely in its own way, Stratus Automation has been deploying an AMHS that is termed Hybrid System. The major systems in the Hybrid System mainly involve Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) and a conveyor system. In this Hybrid System, conveyors are being used for Interbay transfers while the OHT main purpose is to serve for direct loading. Last but not least, Stratus also deploys its very own Transport Control System (TCS), IntelliMove in this Hybrid System which undoubtedly one of the best TCS in the market as it provides an interface to MCS and capable of traffic control.

Products & Services

Stratus Automation specializes in providing sustainable cleanroom AMHS solutions to support the increasing throughput demand of semiconductor industry. To support the rapidly expanding demand of semiconductor market, Stratus’ Hybrid AMHS is specifically designed to substantially increase throughput while halving initial and running costs. Hybrid AMHS combines all the advantages of Conveyor, Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) and overhead storage (buffer shelves) in a single system where the Conveyor performs interbay transfers while OHT serves for intrabay transfers which requires direct loading/unloading of the carriers. Overhead buffer shelves provide overhead WIP storage and near tool buffer for carriers pending to be processed. Alternatively, Stratus provides multiple Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) solutions which caters for either massive capacity, multi-level, or overhead storage requirements. All Stratus products are controlled by Stratus’ in-house Transport Control System (TCS), IntelliMove – a smart control system packed with carrier real-time tracking and dynamic rerouting.

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