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UltraSense Systems transforms driver touch interfaces in automotive with its In-Plane Sensing solutions, which enable multi-mode sensing, processing, and AI / Machine Learning algorithms to turn almost any surface into the ultimate touch experience. UltraSense In-Plane Sensing includes a SmartSurface Human Machine Interface (HMI) controller for programmable audio, illumination, haptics, and user feedback. When integrated into steering wheels, infotainment systems, and other in-vehicle interfaces, UltraSense offers a more intuitive and modern experience for drivers; a more integrated, easier to manufacture and thinner solution for tier-suppliers; and greater design options plus recyclability and sustainability benefits for automakers.

Products & Services

UltraSense TouchPoint HMI Controllers fully integrate multi-mode touch sensing, lighting control, and algorithm processing in a single chip – powering a new generation of Human-Machine Interfaces.
*UltraSense TouchPoint C-CapForce HMI Controller. Capacitive + Force integrated System on a Chip (SoC) controller including Analog Front End (AFE).
*UltraSense TouchPoint Z – UltraForce HMI Controller. Ultrasound + Force integrated SoC controller including AFE.
*UltraSense TouchPoint Q – TapForce HMI Controller. Piezoelectric Force sensing integrated SoC controller including AFE.
*UltraSense TouchPoint Edge – HMI SoC for cluster of buttons & slider capabilities. Integrated sensing and feedback control, MCU, AFE and Neural Touch Engine coupled with LIN communication.

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