Unikorn Semiconductor Corporation


Company Profile

Established in 2018, Unikorn Semiconductor Corp. specializes in providing compound semiconductor foundry services. Unikorn was formed when EPISTAR Corporation, the leading global supplier of LED chips, split from its internal foundry division and established an independent company based on its own core technology. GCS Holdings, Inc. has been an important strategic partner of Unikorn since Unikorn inception. GCS Holdings’ vast experience and advanced manufacturing technology in terms of III-V compound semiconductor communications and optoelectronic component foundries are critical in assisting Unikorn to expand its foundry services.

With the merger of two major LED corporation groups, EPISTAR and Lextar Electronics, in 2021 to establish Ennostar Inc. (Stock Code: 3714), Unikorn became one of the three largest subsidiaries of the Ennostar Group. Unikorn took on the crucial task of being“ the N0.1 investment platform for compound semiconductors” for Ennostar Group through its core work in providing compound semiconductor foundry services.

Products & Services

Unikorn’s foundry services include epitaxy and wafer/chip processing, with applications in sensors, 5G communications, displays, and power outputs. As per the different requirements of clients, Unikorn provides optimal manufacturing parameters and production platforms to satisfy the client’s delivery deadlines, yield, and customized design. In addition, Unikorn protects the rights and interests of clients by strictly adhering to the highest standards of quality. Unikorn is the ideal partner to allow clients to expand in the market and manufacture products.

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