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Axel Bialke

SVP Asia


Axel Bialke is SVP Asia of aiMotive which is the AD/ADAS development center of Stellantis as well as CEO of Cross Border Technologies. He has a 40 year track record in Semiconductor and Automotive industry in Asia and Europe and is based in Japan. He is specialized in AI technologies, system architecture for self driving cars, recognition technologies, datasets for AD/ADAS, sensor technologies and Sensor simulation as well as semiconductors for AI applications (NPU technologies). His networks extends to all automotive OEMS, TIER1 and semiconductor company worldwide.


Company Profile


aiMotive was established in 2015 and is based in Budapest ( Hungary ). It has 250 employees and also officies in Japan and US. aiMotive has developed several AI-based technologies for use in AD/ADAS applications. 2022 it was acquired by Stellantis and is now the AD/ADAS development center of Stellantis and also looking into the merger of AD/ADAS and IVI. aiMotive is also selling several technologies under it s own brand on the open market.