Dr. Manuel Dorfmeister photo

Dr. Manuel Dorfmeister

Head of MEMS and e-Software department


Dr. Manuel Dorfmeister is an expert in microelectromechanical systems, having a PHD in Piezoelectric MEMS development from the Technical University of Vienna, as well as numerous patents registered and papers published. In 2019 Manuel joined TriLite as a research and development engineer, focusing on MEMS mirror driving and automatic calibration. In 2021 he was appointed Head of the MEMS & e-Software department leading a team of experts in designing the System Architecture, machine learning-based calibration, and firmware development of Trixel® 3, the world’s smallest LBS projection display for Augmented Reality mass market devices. Manuel leads the TriLite design and development of software-defined LBS displays, which shifts complexity from the hardware into the software domain.

Company Profile


TriLite designs and builds the world’s smallest projection display solutions so that everyone can enjoy augmented vision as lightweight as the eyewear of today. TriLite’s display solutions are based on proprietary, multi-parameter algorithms and deploy advanced machine learning algorithms to generate laser beam scanning devices with unprecedented size, weight and image quality. The ultra-compact Trixel® 3 laser beam scanner (LBS) has been designed from the ground up for mass-manufacturing and is fully compatible to state-of-the-art waveguides without requiring any relay optics. An outstanding team of multidisciplinary researchers and manufacturing experts stands behind TriLite’s multiple-patented technology. TriLite enables its customers to accelerate the availability of leading-edge display solutions for mass market Augmented Reality applications.