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Ramon Borrell is a highly experienced professional in the field of Inkjet and industrial printing systems, with 30 years of experience in the industry. He has held technical leadership and executive positions for 20 years, including 14 years at HP where he led the development of large format printers and 14 years as CTO and R&D Director at Xaar, a leading company in inkjet printheads. In 2021, Ramon joined Quantica as CTO, bringing his extensive technical expertise and leadership experience to the company.

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Quantica is an advanced additive manufacturing company headquartered in Berlin and Barcelona. Their groundbreaking inkjet-based technology, NovoJet™, transforms production by enabling the digital deposition of high-viscosity and high particle-loaded materials. With their advanced systems, users can print and combine new materials seamlessly in a single process for 2D and 3D application development. From car coatings to printed electronics to hearing aids, Quantica’s technology offers a solution.

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