Senni Laaksonen photo

Senni Laaksonen

VP Research and Development


Senni Laaksonen has 20 years experience of providing inertial sensors to the automotive industry. She started her career at VTI, a company which has been the market leader in low-g accelerometers for safety critical applications since early 1990s. Senni joined Murata when the company acquired VTI in 2012. She has been working in various positions in VTI/Murata from product design to process development and project management and is currently responsible of the Research and Development activities of Murata Finland. Senni and her development teams work closely with automotive industry to provide new innovative inertial sensors for the customers. Future development in Murata is focusing to provide cutting edge products to the ADAS and autonomous driving applications.

Company Profile


Murata Finland is global MEMS Center of the Japanese Murata Group. The company is a leading supplier of MEMS accelerometers, inclinometers, gyroscopes and pressure sensor elements for demanding applications in automotive, medical, instruments and consumer electronics. The silicon-based capacitive sensors are based on the company’s proprietary 3D MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) technology.