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Dr. Alan Zhou

Dr. Zhou Zhenhong (Dr. Alan Zhou) has over 30 years of executive experience in multinational and startup companies within the semiconductor industry. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he earned a doctorate in microelectronics and computer science. Currently serving as the CEO of BelGaN and the Chairman of GaNcool Semiconductor, he is dedicated to establishing the “GaN Valley”. Formerly, he was a managing partner and Chief Strategy Officer (CTO) at the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund’s Fujian Anxin Capital, overseeing global investments and acquisitions for the third-generation compound semiconductors; an Executive Vice President (EVP) of Pixelworks and the President of its China subsidiary, he was responsible for corporate restructuring, financing, acquisitions, and preparations for a STAR Market listing; a Corporate Vice President at Qualcomm in charge of the smartphone chipset business worth over $3 billion; and a Managing Director at Lucent Technologies, where he led the development and design of China’s first local brand GSM mobile phone chipset. In 1998, he co-founded MEMSIC, a MEMS sensor company listed on NASDAQ; and in 1994, he returned to China to serve as the General Manager of AT&T Bell Laboratories in Wuxi, managing the technology transfer and construction of China’s first sub-micron very large scale integrated circuit (VLSI) manufacturing line for the national 908 Project, which led to the establishment of CSMC went public in HongKong, then acquired by China Resources Group, now known as China Resources Microelectronics listed in the STAR exchange.

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Be a leading automotive qualified open foundry in the Wide Band Gap ecosystem.

Enabling our customers to develop and manufacture unique solutions for a sustainable electrified future.

Creating value through our employees’ enthusiasm, talents and commitment.

BelGaN, as a WBG foundry in Europe, enables and services a rapidly expanding GaN-ecosystem in Europe (‘GaN-Valley’) and beyond with innovative and high-quality WBG semiconductor technologies and a highly efficient value-add 6 and 8 inch manufacturing facility. BelGaN adds unique services such as customer-driven Technology-as-a-Service (customized processes), Manufacturing-as-a-Service, and Quality-as-a-Service to the traditional foundry business model whereas we cooperate with suppliers and customers to deliver automotive quality products to the market. BelGaN develops and bring-to-market a rich roadmap of GaN & SiC platforms, driven by our customers’ needs and our core strengths and vision. We partner with leading universities and RTO’s in an Open Innovation model to prepare our innovation roadmap and bring differentiating innovations to our customers.

Manufacturing Facility: Wafer fab with over 4500 m2 of clean room space, located on a 44.000 m2campus.

Fab: 6 & 8 inch (planned).

Production: GaN Technologies & 0.35 µm to 2 µm Low, Medium, and High Voltage Analog CMOS and BCD Technologies.

Westerring 15
9700 Oudenaarde


+32 55 332211

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