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Exploring Innovations and Growth in the SEA Semiconductor Industry – Competitive Advantages & Challenges

In the semiconductor value chain, ASEAN countries have always played the role of OEM production hubs focusing on cost and mature technologies. Shifting from this role to a technology powerhouse involves a huge leap that requires the creation of a vibrant R&D environment (such as those found in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China who have recently achieved). This kind of R&D environment typically involves high capital expenditure, intense technology knowledge and a pool of highly educated talents that usually define the completeness of the whole supply-chain (for instance and it does not only apply for IC Design). On this note, ASEAN countries shall then concentrate their limited resources in covering this all-round industrial chain integrity (from infrastructure to talents). Our suggestion is therefore to focus on not only clustering regional readiness (for instance the infrastructure and the talents) but also on chocking points of the semiconductor value chain.

We, AT&S, believe that ICSubstrates is one of these few vehicles that would create a far reaching impact in Malaysia. As ICSubstrates is an essential element of Advance Packaging (reference More than Moore front-end Vs. Back-end nodes developments). With the technology of AT&S’s high end IC Substrates, it will bridge gap of the semiconductor value chain and to shift Malaysia from OEM producer to a powerhouse of R&D with a focus on high end IC substrate.

In our presentation we will show how by bringing into Malaysia AT&S proprietary technology of high end IC Substrates, we will develop and create high-tech knowledge that can be benefitical for all the surrounding countries, besides developing a more complete ecosystem for Advance packaging in Malaysia. This is what we trust AT&S would bring to Malaysia to enhance its position as a prominent player in semiconductor in ASEAN.

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Dr. Abderrazzaq Ifis

Engineering Director


As Engineering Director, Dr. Abderrazzaq Ifis is leading the new AT&S IC-Substrate plant qualification and ramp-up in Kulim. He has over 13 years of engineering experience in developing and manufacturing innovative and high-end technologies and products. Dr. Ifis hold a Ph.D. in Mechanics of Materials and Ing. degree in Processes Engineering from prestigious Moroccan and French institutions. Abderrazzaq and his family have been relocated to Malaysia in 2022, seeking not only career development but also exploring life in a joyful, rich and diversified culture and environment here.

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AT&S has chosen Malaysia for its pioneer production site in Southeast Asia. With a planned total investment of €1.7 billion (RM8.5 billion) over the next 6 years, this is by far the largest investment in the corporate history of AT&S. The new campus of AT&S is being built at Kulim Hi-Tech Park, which is approximately 350km north of the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The ongoing construction work started in November 2021 and the start of series production is tentatively scheduled for the end of 2024.

At AT&S Kulim site, there are 3,000 – 4,000 construction workers performing different tasks at site to deliver the fast track construction progress. This manufacturing facility, once completed, will be responsible for the production of high-end IC substrates for high-performance processors at the location in Southeast Asia. These processors are primarily used in high-performance computers, data centres, gaming, 5G, automotive and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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