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GaN D-Mode vs. GaN E-Mode: A Clash of Technologies or The Perfect Co-Existence?

Gallium nitride (GaN) devices have emerged as a superior alternative to mature technologies like Si, boasting higher efficiency, power density, and cost-effectiveness for various applications. Among the GaN landscape, there are three main technologies: Depletion mode (D-mode), Enhancement mode (E-mode), and vertical GaN, although the latest one not yet broadly commercially available.

D-mode devices function as normally-on switches, therefore used in combination with cascode or direct drive configurations. D-mode cascode devices offer higher gate threshold voltage, lower 3rd quadrant losses or lower gate leakage current. E-mode HEMTs, based on a p-GaN layer on the gate (normally-off), offer advantages like enhanced efficiency at lower voltages (<300V), simpler manufacturing, and improved slew rate control.

This presentation will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each technology, while also examining their respective target segments, applications, and market sizes.

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Bas Verheijen

Senior Director GaN Technology and Operations


Bas Verheijen serves as the Senior Director of GaN Technology and Operations at Nexperia, leveraging his extensive experience spanning over two decades in the field of semiconductors. Bas played a pivotal role in establishing and seamlessly integrating GaN initiatives within Nexperia, leading the GaN division during its formative stages. Previously, Bas demonstrated his expertise by setting-up and managing Nexperia’s worldwide customer supply chain organization. His professional journey includes diverse responsibilities within supply chain management at NXP, where he contributed as a member of the SCM MT. Commencing his career, Bas took part in the setup of SSMC wafer fab, where he spearheaded crucial aspects of technology transfers. His educational background encompasses an MSc in Applied Physics from Eindhoven University of Technology and a PhD from the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands.

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The company serves a global customer base, shipping more than 100 billion products annually. These products are recognized as benchmarks in efficiency – in process, size, power, and performance. Nexperia’s commitment to innovation, efficiency and stringent industry requirements are evident in its extensive IP portfolio, its expanding product range, and its certification to IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

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