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Global Vehicle Electrification Trends and BEV Opportunities in the Developing World

Vehicle electrification is a set trend, led by developed countries and China, for the coming decades. Globally, Yole forecast (Q1 2023) a combined growth of ~1.2% in the period between 2022 to 2028, which the total light duty vehicle drops ~3% meanwhile. BEV definitely leads the growth with ~16% increase, far advancing the total market.

This change of powertrain landscape is reshaping the supply chain with several ongoing features highly relevant to the power electronics community, which are to be full explained in the presentation: Auto OEMs are turning more to in-house development and production: high voltage system integration is growing in various directions; power electronics demonstrate strong resilience towards current Si cycles; wide band gap materials are going through incubation to mainstream.

Opposite to common understanding, Yole is seeing huge opportunities of BEV development in developing countries, although the current penetration is low. Strategies, including financial promotion in both BEV supply chain and charging infrastructure, leveraging existing BEV supply chain, right positioning BEV models for local needs, and 2-wheeler early adoption, etc. can be applied by official and private investment in some developing countries, like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, etc.

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