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High-performance miniature optical MEMS microphone

sensiBel is a Norwegian deep-tech scale-up company bringing to the market an optical MEMS microphone with 80dB SNR (14 dBA noise floor) and 132 dB dynamic range (146 dB Acoustic Overload Pressure or 10 % THD) in a small package.

This is a considerable improvement over state-of-the-art capacitive MEMS microphones. Despite constant improvement over the years, these are today limited to a SNR in the order of 73 dBA (21 dBA noise floor) with overall dynamic range in the order of 101 dB. There are fundamental challenges to driving the performance of capacitive MEMS microphone technology in small packages to new heights. Piezoelectric MEMS microphones have not demonstrated SNR performance >65 dBA.

We will present the fundamentals of optical acoustic transduction, explain why it can enable higher performance and how it can be implemented in a MEMS-based component.

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Matthieu Lacolle



Matthieu Lacolle is an optical MEMS expert, CTO and co-founder of sensiBel.

He joined the Norwegian research organization SINTEF in 2006, where he worked as a Research Scientist and Research Manager at the department of Microsystems and Nanotechnologies. His research interests have included optical MEMS and in particular diffractive MEMS, MEMS-based spectroscopy and sensors with optical readout. He was strongly involved in the development of optical readout methods for MEMS sensors such as microphones, when he co-founded sensiBel in 2017 as the technology was spun-off from SINTEF.

Matthieu Lacolle received a M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from Supélec, France, in 2001, and a M.E. degree in photonics and telecommunications from the University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, in 2001. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Oslo, Norway, in the field of optical MEMS, obtained in 2006. He is the author or co-author of 30+ publications and of several granted and pending patents.

SensiBel is a Norwegian deep-tech scale-up company specialized in optical Micro-Electro-MechanicalSystem (MEMS) microphone technology. The company spun off from SINTEF, Norway’s largest independent research organization in 2016. Based on 10 years of research at SINTEF, sensiBel has developed and patented a unique technology for a high-performance miniaturized microphone, with 10 times lower noise (10dB) than other state-of-the-art MEMS microphones. Our core team consists of MEMS, electronics, optics and acoustics technology experts, as well as a business and leadership team with vast multi-national experience and several successful high tech startups in electronics for high volume applications.

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