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How Chinese local makers get ready to power the EV market?


Dr. Liu has more than 20 years’ semiconductor industry and more than 10 years’ experience with rich experience and unique understanding of technology industrialization and internationalization. His academic in materials science includes Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Muenster University in Germany, Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan. He industry career covered China Resources Microelectronics, ASMC (Now GtaSemi). Dr. Liu received his BS degree in physical chemistry from Sichuan University, PhD in Materials Science from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He held a Postdoc position in Nagoya Institute of Technology, and received a Young Scientist Award by Asian Crystallography Association. He was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship in 2000. S. He has authored more than 30 papers, and holds over 40 patents. His research covers semiconductor materials, devices and processing.

YASC dedicates to the design, process, and fabrication of devices of SiC and GaN. Currently, we are one of the leading 6-inch fab in mass production with advanced supporting systems, provides turn-key services from chip design, epitaxial processing, wafer manufacturing, probing, assembly, module packaging, reliability and final test.

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Founder & CEO of Fast SiC Semiconductor. fastSiC is a fabless company dedicated on SiC power devices. Fast SiC Semiconductor has mass produced 650V~1700V SiC MOSFETs with its own proprietary designs, which have been adopted by leading customers in the field of server power supplies, charging piles and PV inverters. He has more than 10 years experiences on the design, process, qualification and application of SiC power devices. He currently serves as the TPC member of ISPSD and has published and filed more than 150 papers and patents.

Fast SiC Semiconductor is a SiC power devices supplier. We supply high performance 650V~1700V SiC MOSFETs and Schottky Barrier Diodes discrete devices and bare chips with our own proprietary designs, for leading customers in applications including PV inverters, EV charging piles, energy storage system, BMS, ATE, motor drive, SMPS for datacenter, OBC and DC/DC for EV, as well as manufacturers of industrial and EV power modules.

General Telephone: +886-3-6590579
General Email: info@fastsic.com
Website: https://fastsic.com

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Graduated from Shandong University in 2003

2003~2004 engaged in process development of Ningbo SMIC(Riying&IMP)

From 2004 to today , I worked in Silan Microelectronics, respectively engaged in chip testing, FA&RA ,quality director, Power module product &assembly development .

Now is VP of Silan, in charge of: power module product &package development, IGBT/SIC chip platform management, product quality engineering, RA&FA, etc.

Dr. Hongliang Shi photo

Dr. Hongliang Shi

Silicon Carbide Application Director

Hunan Sanan Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Dr. Shi Hongliang, Director of SiC Application of Hunan SANAN, is responsible for customer requirement introduction, system level application solutions, technical support and new product definition. He has 10+ years of R&D experience in system application design of SiC power devices, optimized design of high frequency high power magnetic devices, etc. He holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University.