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How does SiC Accelerate NEVs

Nowadays, more and more electric vehicles hit the road, and this is helping the world to reduce its carbon footprint and fight against ever increasing greenhouse effect. The EVs can reuse multiple types of power sources in the shape of electric power. Nowadays, new EVs require higher charging speed, higher output power, higher efficiency, longer milage, and as well as more comfortable riding experience, which come along with new technical solutions and new demands for semiconductor power devices. New generation SiC devices have adopted more and more innovative structures and cooler packages, which enable the EVs to go farther, charge faster and work more economy. We believe with accelerated adoption of SiC-based solutions, we will make power efficiency for a cooler planet.

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Markus Mosen


WeEn Semiconductors

Markus has 20 years professional experience in managing globally Business and Product Lines in the Semiconductor Industry, developing, and setting up Sales & Marketing offices in China and Asia-Pacific, improving Market Share in different market segments including Mobile Solutions, Bipolar Power and Security. As well in his career he has been addressing different applications for Mobile Chipsets, Security and Chip Cards ICs, and more recently Power Discrete in Renewable Energy, Industrial and Consumer markets. Markus has 15 years living and working experience in Asia-Pacific (Singapore) and China (Beijing and Shanghai).

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WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd was registered as a company on Aug 5, 2015. WeEn’s global footprint has an operational headquarter in Shanghai and wholly owned subsidiaries and centers in Jilin (North East China, Front-End Fabrication) , Hong Kong, Manchester (Research and Development) , Dongguan (Warehouse and Distribution), and cities throughout the world (Sales Offices and Customer Service Access). In September 2018, WeEn added its new, in-house, reliability and failure analysis laboratory in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China. With a heritage of over 50 years in semiconductor development and manufacturing, WeEn as a key player has focused on developing a wide and deep portfolio of industry-leading power products including Silicon Carbide Power Devices, Silicon Controlled Rectifiers and Triacs, standard and fast recovery Power Diodes, TVS and ESD Diodes and IGBT and Modules. All these products are widely used in the markets for telecommunications, computing, consumer electronics, intelligent home appliances, lighting, automotive and power management applications. WeEn seeks to help our customers achieve improved cost and production efficiency and contribute to the development of global intelligent manufacturing.

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