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Opportunities and Challenges for MicroLED Display

Micro-light-emitting diode (MicroLED) display technology has drawn a lot of attention in display industry recently owing to the superior optical and electrical properties. Compared to conventional display technologies, MicroLED display demonstrates higher efficiencies, longer lifetime, much higher brightness, ultra-high pixel density, faster response time and wider color gamut. MicroLED display is an emerging technology which can be used for all current display applications and new scenarios, such as transparent, seamless tiling, and AR glasses for metaverse. Based on our proprietary PixeLED display, SMAR·Tech, PixeLED Matrix, and µ-PixeLED technologies, we could utilize different process for each application with MicroLED displays.

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Dr. Charles Li photo

Dr. Charles Li

CEO & Co-Founder

PlayNitride Display Co., Ltd.

Dr. Yun-Li (Charles) Li is the CEO and co-founder of PlayNitride, one of the most advanced MicroLED companies in the world. PlayNitride was established by Dr. Li and his partners in 2014. Under Dr. Li’s leadership, PlayNitride has steadily grown to more than 300 employees within 6 years and keeps the leader position in development of MicroLED display technology. From September 2019, PlayNitride starts running the first MicroLED production line in Taiwan to deliver products to customers.

Dr. Li received his Ph.D. degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA) with Prof. Fred Schubert in 2003. Dr. Li’s Ph.D. work focused on gallium nitride (GaN) based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and LED-based applications.

In 2020, Dr. Li received Special Recognition Award from Society for Information Display (SID). It recognized Dr. Li and his team in development and commercialization of MicroLED technology. It also indicated that MicroLED has been identified as the new generation display technology and key development topic.

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PlayNitride has become a leading company of MicroLED technology through the breakthrough innovations and diverse business models with PixeLED Display, PixeLED Matrix, µ-PixeLED, and SMAR・Tech solutions. PlayNitride has strong capability to integrate all required technologies to realize MicroLED display applications.

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