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SiC / IGBT Power Module Assembly & Test Equipment Solutions

With over 30 years of extensive experience and proficient skills in providing standard and customized automation solutions, Pentamaster serves customers across various industries sector ranging from semiconductor (consumer electronics, automotive), optics & photonics sensor, MEMS sensor, medical devices, food & beverages to general manufacturing. Over the years, Pentamaster had expanded its global footprint and market share to California, USA / Munich, Germany / Suzhou, China and Yokohama, Japan.

Since 2010, Pentamaster has been providing automated test equipment solutions for power modules used in home appliances. In 2018, Pentamaster expanded its range of equipment solutions to cover power module electrical burn-in, assembly and final test solutions for the EV industry. With their vast experience and engineering technology, Pentamaster is currently serving most of the key power module manufacturers across the globe

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Michael Koelbl

General Manager Pentamaster Automation Germany GmbH


Michael Koelbl, who has been working in the semiconductor industry for over 26 years, started his career with a medium-sized German-based machine manufacturer for wafer laser marking and sorting systems. After graduating in Micro- and Precision Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich in 1995, Mr. Koelbl worked as a service engineer, installing and maintaining equipment in front-end semiconductor fabs around the world. From 2007 to 2011 he was based in Singapore, where he set up a subsidiary to provide sales and service activities in the growing South East Asian region. Since returning to Germany, Mr. Koelbl has been actively involved in the development of robotic and laser applications as Technical Director and Business Development Manager.

In early 2023, Mr. Koelbl joined Pentamaster, a global supplier of automated test equipment and factory automation systems with customers in the semiconductor, automotive and medical industries. Pentamaster has been offering power module automated test equipment solutions for home appliances application since Y2010. They advanced to the EV industry in Y2018 with a wider range of equipment solutions covering electrical burn-in, assembly and final testing of power modules. With Pentamaster’s presence in Germany, Mr. Koelbl sees a great opportunity to support customers in the booming EV segment. Last but not least, the recently agreed European Chips Act, to strengthen the semiconductor ecosystem in the European Union, will support Pentamaster’s group expansion plan to increase its geographical footprint in Europe.

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Pentamaster Group provides automation technology and solutions to multinational manufacturers in the automotive, semiconductor, electro-optical, consumer electronics, and medical sector, spanning across APAC, North America and Europe. Besides the HQ and production plant in Penang, Malaysia, the Group has strategic presence globally with offices located in the USA, Japan, Germany, Singapore and production facilities in China.

With the speed and magnitude of technology progress today, Pentamaster Group will always be bold enough to explore new innovations. For years, the Group has been one of the leading global providers of automated test equipment to suit different requirements and needs of customers from various industries. In the automotive segment, the group has developed a proprietary SiC wafer burn-in system, being one of the top four manufacturers in the world, in creating a niche market space for this growth sub-segment and to solidify the Group’s position in the automotive industry.

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