• 09:45 – 09:55

Piezoelectric MEMS Acoustic Transducers at Silicon Austria Labs: technology platforms and emerging applications

As a top European research center for Electronic Based Systems, Silicon Austria Labs´mission is to accelerate technological growth from idea to innovation within the major market tendencies on the global arena. The Microsystems Research Division develops cuttingedge MEMS technologies, from design and proofofconcept to product prototypes, connecting key industrial and scientific players along the value chain. In her presentation, Dr Annalisa De Pastina, Senior Scientist in PiezoMEMS Microsystem Technologies, will describe the latest technology platforms for acoustic piezoMEMS development. The talk will focus on MEMS microphones and Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers, and will discuss emerging technologies and challenges related to design, fabrication and material development.

Dr. Annalisa De Pastina

Senior Scientist in Piezoelectric Microsystem Technologies

Silicon Austria Labs (SAL)

Dr. Annalisa De Pastina is an expert in M/NEMS and piezoelectric transduction. She has 10 years of experience in the field of nanomechanical sensors and actuators, specializing in microtechnology and piezoelectric thin films. In 2014, she graduated in Biomedical Engineering from Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, and in 2018 she obtained her PhD in Microengineering from EPFL, Switzerland. Dr. De Pastina is currently a senior scientist in piezoMEMS at Silicon Austria Labs, where she leads pivotal industrial collaborations and international projects focused on the development of novel piezoelectric MEMS sensors and actuators, such as MEMS microspeakers, microphones and ultrasonic transducers.

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Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) has been founded to be a top Euro­pean re­search center for elec­tronic-based systems. In the network of science and economy, we carry out re­search at a global level and create the basis of ground­breaking prod­ucts and processes.

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