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The future of Advanced Packaging Inspection is X-ray

The global demand for high-end computing power driven by smartphones, IoT applications, High-performance computing, and new mobility applications is constantly rising while facing miniaturization demands. The semiconductor industry is all about identifying and solving these challenges and thereby, yield and process control is core for foundries and its importance increased even more through the introduction of advanced packaging. In today’s environment, two things can be observed. One, prototyping and verification costs exponentially increase while node sizes decrease. Two, a change from typical inspection methods like optical or FIB-SEM to advanced non-destructive inspection techniques like X-ray inspection. Ultimately advanced packaging companies seek non-destructive automated inspection tools which are fast enough to provide value within their production processes, increase yield and reduce waste at an early stage. This presentation will give an overview on how X-Ray and CT inspection can provide value-added data and information for exactly that.

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Enrico Härtel

Director Global Key Account Management


Enrico Haertel is the Director of Global Key Account Management at Comet YXLON. Focusing on x-ray inspection tasks, he is working with customers on solutions to reduce time-to-market and increase yield.

He began his career in the FinTech industry, introducing, among others, contactless payment technology into the European market. Then, switching gears in 2011, he joined the field of inspection solutions for the Semiconductor and SMT world, gaining expertise in testing solutions like wafer probe cards and optical and x-ray inspection.


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Building on decades of experience and an unfailing passion for technology, Comet Yxlon is a globally leading company for industrial X-ray and CT system solutions. Manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, and semiconductor industries rely on Comet Yxlon to maximize their product quality and the efficiency of their production. From cutting-edge inspection systems to the award-winning user interface Geminy – at Comet Yxlon, we support our customers with innovative products and services that help them shape future markets.

From single die traditional packages to wafers and advanced packaging devices – we supply manufacturers with X-ray inspection systems that meet the high standards of semiconductor quality control. Speed, resolution, 2D or 3D – depending on the application, manufacturers have different priorities for the inspection of semiconductor products. We offer a variety micro- and nano-focus inspection systems providing digital radioscopy, computed laminography, and computed tomography for optimum test results for increased yield.

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