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Unleash Product Innovations with 3DFabric

With the development of 3DIC and associated packaging technologies, semiconductor industry has extended performance and density optimization to system level, complementary to traditional chip scaling. Amid broader adoption of TSMC’s advanced 2.5D/ 3D packaging solutions along with growing chiplet complexity and form factor, the interaction between Si, packaging and components become increasingly crucial and requires continue innovations on design, process development and manufacturing.

With 3DFabric Alliance, we are extending OIP collaboration to packaging/ testing and working with industry partners on substrate and memory technology development for integrated system-level design solution to customers, together with the ecosystem of OSATs, material and equipment suppliers. In parallel, we also establish the worldwide first fully automated factory to offer best flexibility for our customers to optimize their packaging solution with better cycle time and quality control.

Kam Lee photo

Kam Lee

Deputy Head of TSMC Advanced Packaging Technology and Service


Kam is currently the Deputy Head of TSMC Advanced Packaging Technology and Service. He joined TSMC earlier last year in March 2022 from Intel, where he served for 27 years in various roles in technology development, product development and high-volume manufacturing. Previously, he held the role as the Vice President and General Manager in Intel’s product engineering development group. At TSMC, Kam is actively working with his colleagues to advance the TSMC advanced packaging and testing technologies to serve its foundry customers.

TSMC pioneered the pure-play foundry business model when it was founded in 1987 and has been the world’s leading dedicated semiconductor foundry ever since. The Company supports a thriving ecosystem of global customers and partners with the industry’s leading process technologies and portfolio of design enablement solutions to unleash innovation for the global semiconductor industry. With global operations spanning Asia, Europe, and North America, TSMC serves as a committed corporate citizen around the world.

TSMC deployed 281 distinct process technologies and manufactured 11,617 products for 510 customers in 2020 by providing broadest range of advanced, specialty and advanced packaging technology services. TSMC is the first foundry to provide 3-nanometer production capabilities, the most advanced semiconductor process technology available in the world. The Company is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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