Greater Phoenix: A Global Destination for Industrial Innovation

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Greater Phoenix is home to an ever-expanding ecosystem of semiconductor manufacturing and its supply chain. Long-term strategic planning of resources at the state and regional level have supported this growth, ensuring that adequate water and nation-leading grid reliability meet the needs of industry. Paired with a robust workforce and an educational system anchored by Arizona State University and the Maricopa County Community College District, the region has the requisite labor force to meet the needs of key industry sectors. Greater Phoenix is a top global destination for businesses and uniquely positioned to seize the momentum of technological innovation and advanced industry to support future development.

Chris Camacho photo

Chris Camacho

President & CEO

Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC)

Zachary Holman photo

Zachary Holman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Director of Faculty Entrepreneurship

Arizona State University

Darcy Renfro photo

Darcy Renfro

VP External Relations, Community, Government & Economic Development

Maricopa County Community College District

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