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Advanced packaging architectures are today widely acknowledged as being increasingly important to drive performance and cost improvements of microelectronics systems. This trend is set to continue as on-package heterogeneous integration of diverse IP from multiple process nodes and multiple foundries will enable new product concepts, decrease time to market and deliver cost/yield benefits. Additionally, novel 3D architectures and continued die-to-die interconnect scaling are opening previously un-achievable concepts for die partitioning and on-package capability integration. These technical challenges are requiring solutions across the ecosystem (Die/Package/Board/System) which provide opportunities for groundbreaking innovation. This presentation will highlight some of the key challenges the industry will have to jointly address to enable the 3D heterogeneous integration future, such as drivers in interconnect scaling, advanced substrate developments, and technologies to enable power and performance gains. A specific example of this is optical on-package integration, where Intel is taking an aggressive approach to enable highly scalable and manufacturable solutions with applicability beyond niche designs.

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Dr. Babak Sabi

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