Fan-out Wafer Level MEMS Packaging for Automotive Applications

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MEMS inertial sensors, including gyroscopes and accelerometers, are key components in automotive applications like electronic vehicle stability control, advanced driver assistant systems and autonomous driving. The challenging automotive reliability requirements need to be considered when selecting the sensor packaging concepts.

Fan-out wafer level packaging (FO-WLP) provides large number of IOs and offers interesting opportunities for multi-die packaging with minimum package dimensions. Typically combined MEMS sensors for motion measurement are packaged in various standard or proprietary configurations, ceramic cavity packages, pre-molded plastic cavity packages, over-molded SOIC, PBGA. The demand is towards smaller foot print & height, lower cost and better robustness to vibration. FO-WLP offers some excellent characteristics, like small size and low stress to sensitive MEMS dies. Murata presentation is focused on explaining the FO-WLP Multi-die Inertial Sensor concept (gyroscope, accelerometer and IC), which was developed in EU collaboration project and evaluated against automotive requirements.

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Senni Laaksonen

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