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ISES ME 2023 Speaker

Fahad Sultan Al Abri

  • Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology
  • Director General of ICT Stimulations & Future Skills
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– 23 Years mainly in the ICT domain and private sector.

– Domain experience in areas of strategic planning, project management, startup Eco-system, PM portfolio, capacity building, FDIs, marketing & sales, talent management.

– Leading projects, civil status, Sas for Entrepreneurship, national PC Initiatives, national government training, community IT training, specialized training, government software licensing management, Oman 2020 census compliance and acceleration program.

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ICT Investments Opportunities in Oman

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Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology supervises a number of national projects Such as, the ports and airports that connect the Sultanate with the world and contribute to diversifying the sources of income and achieve sustainable development in various economic, industrial, commercial, tourism and other fields.

These efforts are accompanied with the Ministry’s relentless strive to make the transport and logistics sectors in the Sultanate have a global reputation, to be the second source of national income and within the top ten in logistics performance at the international level by 2040.

At the local level, side by side with all these projects, The Ministry works to regulate land and sea transport industries by issuing the needed legislations.

The Ministry is also the responsible body for formulating and implementing the government digital strategies and programs in the Sultanate of Oman. Its main mission is to raise the level of efficiency in government performance, support innovation in service delivery, and enhance spending and economic growth through the use of information and communication technology.

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