Dr. Jon Lee photo

Dr. Jon Lee

Founder & CEO


  • PhD Computer Science University of Cambridge
  • Seasoned entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in computer graphics, gaming technologies, and artificial intelligence
  • Inventor of 500+ Patents (Filed with USPTO & China)
  • Founder/CEO VIZZIO Singapore; Raised US$20m;
  • Raised U$6 million for Round A from SoftBank for UK startup 1998, Round D US$ 48m from Doll Capital 2005; Achieved annual revenue of US$ 140 millions and signed up 200+ global handset makers;
  • Sued Apple, Inc for Patent Infringement 2009 for US$200m
  • Sold gaming company in 2019 for US$120m
  • International Awards and Accolades
    • The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise
    • The Scottish Software Award 2007 “Scottish Software Company of the Year”
    • European award for innovation “EU Europe’s most promising technologies”
    • UK Enterprise 250 Award
    • Won China’s Most Prestigious IT Competition 2019 – Came in TOP in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province and National Level, beating over 30,000 companies
    • Featured & interviewed by BBC, CCTV, CNA, Straits Times

JON is best known for his work in 3D computer vision and automatic 3D reconstruction from imagery and videos and has developed an AI software pipeline to automatically turn 2D photographs and satellite imagery into 3D geometry. JON has also filed numerous patents for large-scale 3D Reconstruction of buildings from stereo satellite images pipeline using Deep Convolutional Network to extract contour polygons of buildings, and the combination of optimisation & computational geometry techniques to compute the Digital Terrain Model, a digital height model and to correctly estimate the position of the footprints. shadow & atmospheric cloud removal.

Other noteworthy projects he has worked on are real-time 3D scene rendering and visualisation pipeline; 3D reconstruction of cities from consumer grade cameras, satellite imagery, camera-based self-driving cars and a vision-based 3D positioning and tracking system. Most recently his academic research has focused on combining 3D scene reconstruction with semantic scene understanding via Deep Learning.

Company Profile


VIZZIO is a leading 3D EARTH & SPACE TECHNOLOGY Company based in Singapore, with clients regionally and globally. Vizzio has mapped 89 3D earth cities, covering more than 29.4 million square kilometers of land area.

VIZZIO’s planetary-scale “3D-Mapping” ability turns current satellite, aerial and geospatial data into a semantic, machine-readable database and photorealistic synthetic 3D WGS84 georeferenced environments for simulation, visualization, and wider industrial and enterprise applications. Our deep learning algorithms pre-process satellite imagery and other geospatial data sources and create 3D models out of flat satellite images, combining real-time ray-tracing and advanced graphics rendering engine to create a photorealistic 3-D world.

Our AI-based real-time 3D reconstruction approach solves global pose alignment and obtains dense volumetric reconstructions from 2D satellite images at a level of quality and completeness that was previously only attainable with human intervention and expensive photogrammetry methods. Previously, city modeling and reality capture relied on manual, labor-intensive processes – spanning months or even years. We can now create detailed geo-specific, accurate, high-resolution 3D geographic models and terrains of cities in just a fraction of the time needed.

Vizzio has been spearheading the adoption of dimensionally accurate and immersive 3D capture and visualisations for Singapore’s leading government agencies and companies including Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF), Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech), National University of Singapore (NUS) and SMRT Corporation (SMRT) as well as Singapore based companies such as CapitaLand, SATS, StarHub, DP Architects, Singapore Police, Saudi Government, Hong Kong Police, among others.