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Jimmy Tao

Marketing Director


Jimmy Tao serves as Director of Marketing and development of TESSVIDA Technologies Pte. Ltd to constantly provide spare parts and surface treatment solutions to fabs and equipment manufacturer. His career path from Silicon Valley to China mainland and South East Asia is thrive to deliver reliable solutions to clients from IC, Pan-semiconductor, Electric, Auto, New energy, Medical device, etc. He graduated with MS in Material engineering from University of Florida.

Company Profile


Tessvida ( www.tessvida.com )is an experienced total process kits solutions (TKS) provider for IC, pan-semiconductor, new energy and more leading industries. We continuously improve and expand our R&D and manufacturing capabilities with engineering expertise in advanced materials, precision machining and surface treatment, to provide customers with complete product and service solutions. We are in a position to provide a one-stop-shop to meet custom engineered material requirements.

As a continually growing reliable partner for advanced materials manufacturing, Tessvida continues to make substantial investment in developing, strategic suppliers, key technologies, manufacturing capacity, and more comprehensive solutions. Tessvida strives to be a one stop solution provider for customers, to create value and shape the future of technology.