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Jovin Li

Technical Marketing Director
Xiamen Sky Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.


Graduated from HUAZHONG University OF Science and Technology Electronics Department in 2006, then successively engaged in customer technical support and marketing work in China Resources Shanghua and Kunshan Huatian. With more than 15 years of working experience in semiconductor industry,I have clear understanding of wafer manufacturing, packaging , testing and module industry. As Moore’s law slows down and the perspective of the upstream and downstream of the semiconductor industry chain, the advanced packaging plays an increasingly important role and has huge potential for future development. Based on this, I worked with Dr. Yu Daquan to establish Xiamen Sky-Semi Semiconductor in 2018 and now I am responsible for the marketing work in Sky-Semi Semiconductor.

Company Profile

Xiamen Sky Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in July 2018, Xiamen Sky-semi commits to the development and industrialization of advanced packaging and system integration technology for high-speed and high-frequency communication applications. Through independent R&D and collaborative innovation, we provide customers with integrated solutions and services from collaborative product design, process research and development to mass production.

The main business of Xiamen Sky-semi includes Wafer Level 3D Package (WLP), Fan Out Package (FO), System in Package (SIP) and Module, IPD device manufacturing, High Density Glass Through Via (TGV) technology, manufacturing of high precision antenna ,etc. We have provided design, packaging and integration services for nearly 100 customers at home and abroad。Sky-semi has a core team with outstanding innovation ability that has broken through a series of core and key technologies and has full range of wafer level system packaging as well as precision manufacturing capabilities from 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch to 12 inch.

Sky-semi Semiconductor based on technological innovation embarking on seize the historical opportunity to achieve leapfrog development in the new era of global semiconductor industry competition pattern by adhere to customer-centered ,Innovative and progressing philosophy,5G application as a breakthrough.