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Luba Tang

Skymizer Taiwan, Inc.


Luba Tang is the founder and CEO of Skymizer Taiwan Inc., which is in the business of providing system software to IC design teams. Skymizer’s system software solutions enable AI-on-Chip design houses to automate AI application development, improve system performance, and optimize inference accuracy. Luba Tang’s research interests include electronic system level (ESL) design, system software, and neural networks. He had focused on iterative compilers, ahead-of-time compilers, link-time optimization, neural network compilation, and neural network optimization. His most recent work focuses on exploiting various types of parallelism from different accelerators in a hyper-scale system-on-chip.

Company Profile

Skymizer Taiwan, Inc.

Skymizer provides AI-on-chip system software subscription services, including compilers, calibrators, runtime systems, and various AI models (Model Zoo) to the complete source code of the basic application (application). Skymizer also provides customize software and relevant source code for the IC design company.